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Small Exhibitions:


Peter Pan Restaurant


maquettes, smaller works, sploores


Maquettes and Small Paintings, Victoria


Works on Paper, San Francisco


Works on Paper, Sarnia, Ontario

Major Exhibitions:

Untitled, Ron Bloore at Wallace 2016

Fragments of Infinity, Late Works


Bloore at 80, 1988-2005 Retrospective


Paper Retrospective, 68 works on paper

Most large exhibitions were so much work themselves
that producing web pages about them at the time was out
of the question. Now in quieter days, documentation
of the bigger shows may proceed - at a quiet pace.
Bloore's two largest shows, the Not Without Design
retro of 1990 and the 2011 Moore Gallery tribute are
still to be done. Also his two most important shows,
the Dorothy Cameron Gallery debut in 1965 and the
Sixteen Years retro of 1975.