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Large Public Collections:

  Significant Bloore collections reside at the National Gallery of Canada, the provincial Art Gallery of Ontario, the Art Gallery of Peterborough, the Mackenzie Art Gallery in Regina, the University of Toronto and the Art Bank in Ottawa. At one point twenty-four public galleries, most notably the Mendel in Saskatoon, listed information about their Bloores on line in the Artifacts Canada Database but government cultural institutions are now implementing policies of de-listing and de-accessioning works by so-called “cis-male” artists so there is no point linking to that database from here.
  The Ronald Bloore Archives are maintained at the University of Regina. An admittedly old list of public and corporate collections is on the CV page here.

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The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa

  Here are thumbnails of two early paintings in the National Gallery collection, larger versions of which are on line at their "Cybermuse" web site. The picture to the right, however, is better on this site here. Other NGC works to be found here are below.
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BGW XV,1989

The Norman Mackenzie Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan

  The Mackenzie collection of 29 Bloores is well featured on their web site. However, their marvelous 8-by-8, XV, from 1989, does not do too well shot indoors still in the frame. We must also note that they have the ink work below left depicted upside-down and the other two up on end. Still, they have taken the trouble to provide much useful information both on their site and on the Artifacts Canada Database.
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The Art Gallery of Peterborough

  The 4-by-4 to the left was in the September 2005 show Bloore at 80 in Peterborough. It is one of the six works from that show added to their significant permanent collection which includes many paintings including a monumental one, a maquette, a Sploore and the first painting of the Yellow Series. The AGP also has a complete collection works on paper in their Illi Maria Harff Tamplin Collection which we have featured in four image galleries starting here. Their web site is