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Essays and Articles about and by
Ronald L. Bloore

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By Bloore

Bloore on Canadian Art -1951
Bloore on Folk Art -1960
Opening Address, Jan Gerrit Wyers Retrospective, 1989
Opening Address, Doug Morton Retrospective, 1994
Interview at the Not Without Design Retrospective, 1991

About Bloore

Bloore at Eighty - by Illi Tamplin -2005
Not Without Design - by Terrence Heath -1991
Canadian Encyclopedia - and the Oxford -1998
Five Interviews - by Robert Enright -1993
Tamplin Collection Donation - by Kay Kritzwiser -1988
R.L. Bloore Drawings 1960-1988 - by Illi Tamplin -1988
Regina Five In Creemore - with Olive Price-Adams -1981
Bloore - and contemporary art criticism - by Barry Lord -1966
Bloore - at the Here And Now - by Robert Fulford -1962
Win Hedore in Time Magazine - I Remember Dada -1960

Art in Canada in 1951

In this letter from New York to the Art Forum in Canadian Art magazine Bloore does not mince words in attacking the provincialism he had, temporarily, left behind.

Spring 1951

Folk Painters of the Canadian West: Jan G. Wyers

This article for Canadian Art illustrates Bloore's views on such things as what it is to be a painter, how art should be appreciated and how it should be analyzed. Most importantly, though, it illuminates the wonderous work of Jan Wyers.

March, 1960

Opening Address, Jan Gerrit Wyers Retrospective

Now, as back then, I consider it to be one of the few major iconic visions in the art of Canada or of the Great Plains.

April 12, 1989

Opening Address, Doug Morton Retrospective

Morton's bold imagery is difficult to place within a Canadian visual art milieu because his roots seem to be in the apparently contradictory sources of pre-war French Purism and German Expressionism... His individual, recognizable manner of image-making retains something of Purism's simplified shapes and the potency of Expressionism's colours...

March, 1994

Cimabue's Gold and Ron Bloore at Eighty

The curator, Illi Maria Harff-Tamplin, retiring as Director of the AGP, had two ideas for her third and last Bloore show. First was the need for a retrospective that would display the paintings done since Not Without Design in 1991, with emphasis on the startling new Dark Chocolates. And second was an examination of the emergence (revelation?) of the masonite substrate as the field in the new panels, a subject Tamplin analyses in this catalogue essay in relation to the gold-leaf grounds of Bloore's beloved Byzantine and Japanese art.

August, 2005

Ronald L. Bloore
Not Without Design

by Terrence Heath

This is the fullest analysis yet published of Bloore's ideas on art and art making. These five website pages contain the entire english text which runs over 17,000 words and is the only such large work here. The essay was published in the catalogue of its eponymous traveling show organized with Andrew Oko of the Mackenzie Gallery.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Notes and Quotes

The Reference Listings

How can so little go so far wide? Some of the sops of fame.

Oxford Canadian Dictionary
The Canadian Encyclopedia
Rebuttal to The Canadian Encyclopedia

Border Crossings Magazine at
Not Without Design:
The Regina Five Interviews

by Robert Enright

When Terrence Heath's Bloore Retrospective touched down in Regina's Mackenzie Gallery, all the five were there. This article was printed in the Winter 1993 issue, Vol. 12 No. 1, with the title "Roy Kiyooka and the Regina Five."

Ted Godwin
Doug Morton
Ken Lochhead
Art McKay
Ron Bloore

The Tamplin Collection Donation

"The unexpected announcement was received with a standing ovation." The Globe and Mail reported on the opening at the Art Gallery of Peterborough of the "Drawings 1960 - 1988" show. The catalogue essay by Illi Tamplin is below.

by Kay Kritzwiser

R.L. Bloore Drawings 1960-1988

"This exhibition of my work was completely hers. It was her development, her selection, her concept. She never faltered in the development of the show, though often she was challenged by the enormity of the decisions. She selected the frames, she wrote and designed the catalogue. She even corrected my biography!"

by Illi Tamplin

Making Art History with a High School Gym

"The Regina 5 Exhibition Number Two, a display of 25 paintings (five each)...[that ends] after only three days in Creemore since the basketball stars-to-be will be wanting their gym back. But the show will go on..."

by John Mays

Toronto Daily Star, Saturday, March 3, 1962

"For a painter who has never had an exhibition to call his own, Ronald Bloore owns a considerable reputation. His paintings have been bought by the National Gallery and some important private collectors, he was included in the Canadian display at last year's Sao Paulo biennial..."

by Robert Fulford

Time Magazine, Canadian Edition, Nov. 7 1960

"When Regina's university art gallery opened an exhibition "Images and Studies" by a local unknown named Win Hedore, Gallery Director Ronald L. Bloore - a telegram in hand - regretfully announced that the artist could not be present. That seemed to be a sensible precaution on Hedore's part...."

I Remember Dada