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Spanning four decades, this collection of works by Ron Bloore includes many which have never been exhibited. They reveal insights into the diversity of his extraordinary career and further reflect both the humour and exactitude of the painter himself. - Robert Steinbach
200207.jpg 690422.jpg TriG.jpg M41.jpg M01.jpg
SPL05.jpg SPL16.jpg SPL21.jpg SPL10.jpg SPL35UnP.jpg SPL61.jpg SPL62.jpg
SPL15.jpg Paddle01t.jpg M42.jpg M43.jpg
CHV1.jpg CHV4.jpg CHV2.jpg
M13.jpg M06.jpg BB29.jpg
BB26.jpg BB24.jpg BL18.jpg FB5AC1.jpg FS22.jpg
M04t.jpg 780521.jpg 78ACS.jpg TBT69.jpg
M31t.jpg M20t.jpg TBT64t.jpg SPL01.jpg Byz35.jpg 200210.jpg