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Art Gallery of Peterborough
Permanent Collection *

Part One, Page Four:

Illi-Maria Harff Tamplin Collection
Works on Paper by R. L. Bloore *

Collages and Studies *

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Early Drawings
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Paints and Black Inks
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Page 4, Collages
and Studies

* Collages and Studies

Illi Tamplin discusses these pieces in the exhibition catalogue essay here.

* The Illi-Maria Harff Tamplin Collection of
Works on Paper by R. L. Bloore

The works in this section were part of the show assembled by Illi Tamplin in 1988. There were 82 pieces in the show, 78 of which belonged to the artist. These 78 were given by Bloore to the AGP on the occasion of the opening of the show as tribute to her efforts.

This story, as reported by the Globe and Mail, is on the site here, and Ms. Tamplin's essay for the catalogue of the exhibition is here.

* The Art Gallery of Peterborough
Permanent Collection

The AGP has accumulated probably the widest range of Bloores of any public gallery - most certainly in terms of works on paper. They have mounted a number of Bloore solo exhibitions, including a show of maquettes and monumental works from the mid-eighties, a large show, Bloore at 80 featuring the first Dark paintings in 2005 and in 2015 a show called With Bloore / After Bloore examining the painter's legacy and influence.