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Sign, July, 1961
48 x 48", 122 x 122 cm
Oil on 1/4" Hardboard

Private collection Toronto

Titled Byzantium by the dealer Dorothy Cameron,
This is what Bob Fulford had to say about it in 1962.

Donella Taylor bought the work from the Here and Now Gallery
in '62 and lent it to many exhibitions including the 1965 Dorothy
Cameron Gallery show that went to the New Brunswick Museum.
Decades later she showed it off again in City and Country Home
magazine in 1987 (above right) where it was said to be painted
in 1960 although it clearly says July 1961 on the back.

The catalogue for Ted Fraser's show Sixteen Years: 1958-74,
which borrowed this work from the Taylors, calls it Byzantium.
On the back is "Sign Number 5". But that is also on the back
of the next painting, and much more neatly. A mystery.

In May of 2006 the painting turned up at auction (above left)
with an estimated value of $2000-2500, no title, and the date
of July 1951. Nevertheless it went for over $55,000.

The proud new owner of the work loaned it to the Varley Museum's
exhibition "The Urge to Abstraction" which used it on the show's
invitations, promotions and advertisements. Curator Roald Nasgaard
produced an eponymous book with the exhibition.

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