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No. 1, 1959, 48 x 48"
Oil on black, 1/4" Hardboard
Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina

     Included in the Five Painters from Regina show which was organized (and circulated) by the National Gallery of Canada.
     "A most interesting and comprehensive text by Terrence Heath describes Bloore as painter, art galley director and professor of art history in the catalogue Ronald L. Bloore: Not Without Design, 1993, published by the Mackenzie Art Gallery in Regina [and on this site here]. Looking back through the history of Bloore's work, there are examples where raw masonite does play a significant role. Illustrated in this catalogue is Painting No. 1, 1959, Mackenzie Art Gallery, University of Regina Collection. which is made up of oil paint on black masonite. It is one of the earliest examples in which Bloore carefully constructed the surface with white oil paint and then scraped away some areas of paint to reveal the dark surface underneath. The overall effect of diagonal lines made with ridges of white paint alongside more translucent scrapes, sets up a visually animated and subtly varied surface."

     - Illi Tamplin, Cimabue's Gold