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48 x 96" (122 x 244cm)
Oil on 1/4" Hardboard

     "Theodore Allen Heinrich, one of Bloore's colleagues at York University. in an article in artscanada, March/April 1977 referring to an exhibition entitled R. L. Bloore: New Byzantine Lights and Other Paintings, 1960-1976. draws our attention to an unusual painting from 1974, named The Unfinished Painting. Heinrich saw it as the exhibition's most arresting element and called this painting 'the King Charles' Head of the show'. He describes how Bloore covered half of the painting with white and left the other half of the raw masonite ground exposed, seen through a net of star-shaped lines painted in blue. green and white. Heinrich refers to these shapes defined with lines of colour as 'presences'. Again, this work reveals not only something about Bloore's painting technique but also hints at the intricate aesthetic relationship, which he continues to forge between the dark surface of the masonite and the visual impact of various thicknesses of paint layered on its surface."

     - Illi Tamplin, Cimabue's Gold