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1960, 48 x 48", 122 x 122 cm
Oil on 1/4" Hardboard

Robert MacLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa

Hung in the May Show in 1960 and the travelling exhibition Sixteen Years: 1958-1974

Reproduced (in black and white!) and discussed in Robert J. Belton's Sights of Resistance; Approaches to Canadian Visual Culture (2001)

As related once to Joan Murray in an interview, the motif was inspired not from ancient architecture but from a skyscraper still under construction. Simple circles and crosses of tape had been put on the windows to alert workers of their presence.

This painting began life as a 4-by-8 which, nearing completion, was not "working" and so was cut into two halves finished separately. Who knows where the other 4-by-4 is?